Treat Your Windows with Style, Color, and Decor

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Stylish, colorful, and gives an accent to their home decor. These are the features customers want for their blinds in Bacolod.

AMJOLCE FINEFUR INTERIOR provides you with these three endearing features that could perk up that focal point in your windows. Your windows come in assorted designs involving colors, patterns and style. To complement the type of design you have, we can provide the style and color of Bacolod Blinds that will suit your taste and ideas for your kitchen, bedroom, living room and other areas of your abode.
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Here are some tips to choose the right color for your blinds:

  1. Match To Your Window Trim or Molding
  2. Your wall color will matter when choosing the right shade for your blinds.
  3. Consider your floor covering and furniture.
  4. Opt for a contrasting shade for your blinds.
  5. Size of the room is an aspect to consider. Dark shades on a small window could make a space even smaller than it looks.
  6. Talk to us. We will have options for your taste.

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