Elegant Bacolod Home Tips: Window Blinds or Curtains?

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Before deciding on how to treat your windows with style and adornment. Consider these head-on comparatives between the two options from your Bacolod’s trusted company Amjolce Finefur Interior.

Blinds need less material, time to manufacture, and take less time to install. Materials made of plastic are even cheaper. High-quality materials like wood, metal and aluminum are more expensive than blinds made of plastic in Bacolod. Curtains are more expensive because they take more material, time to make, and more time to install.

Bacolod blinds have more light control options. Vertical or horizontal slats on blinds, also called the Venetian blinds, can be operated in two ways for light control. While blinds are more convenient to control the passage of light, their slatted design means that some light will enter even when the blinds are fully closed. When curtains are closed they block virtually all light. Blinds are easier to clean and last longer than curtains.

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