Advantage of Installing Blinds in Bacolod City

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A feature considered for installing blinds for your windows is “to control the light that enters the room”.

AMJOLCE FINEFUR INTERIOR can provide different designs for residents to choose from. These specific designs will treat your windows and provide privacy for home divisions like bathrooms and decrease the light through windows facing sunlight. Bacolod blinds installed in the interior part of a window can filter light and are even more flexible paired with Roman shade or with draped panels.

Our company has an option for inhabitants of a dwelling opting to install blinds that can manipulate the entry of light in certain areas of the house. If you want ambient light in your living room or open light in your kitchen area, controlling the light passage you want is easy and affordable with blinds in Bacolod City.

We offer all types of blinds for your needs and convenience. Blinds of high quality are also available. Installation is free of cost. Please feel free to contact us at (034) 4330905, (034) 4323307, (034) 7041030 or you may send your inquiries at